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Individuals enrolled will be remembered by

The Community of Solas Antoin in our

Daily Prayer and Eucharist

 for one year from the enrolment date 

Welcome to every person, without exception

Come..... receive, share and benefit from the

Sacraments and the life of the Church.

Especially if you have been hurt or excluded by a Faith Group

Unconditional Love to all people who cross our path, Irrespective of Sexuality, Race, or Creed

Reaching out to all people, to help create a better understanding

Of spirituality and serve the Common Good

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Our Founder, Rev. Seamus
is an ordained 
Independent Old Catholic Priest
Neither Protestant nor
Roman Catholic

Our Church Community
traces Apostolic Succession in the Old Catholic tradition which separated from Rome in the 1850s.
We adhere to the doctrines of the Early Church Councils.
We appreciate the wisdom and guidance of Early Teachers, and offer Seven Sacraments to all.
Holy Orders is open to BOTH men and women.
We believe that Homosexuality is NOT a sin and therefore invite the LGBTQIA+ Community to
partake of all the Sacraments of the Church.
We believe in the sanctity of Marriage; however, the Mercy of God is unconditional, and therefore those who have been divorced and/or remarried are welcome to the Sacraments of the Church.
We believe that Family Planning is a private matter between husband and wife.
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